Tools and inspiration


Bring your own tools like yoga, meditation, shamanic journeying and/or choose one or more of the tools below:

  •    digital detox
  •    upgrade of your personal "innernet" (inner hard- and software for connection and communication)
  •    mindfood (another way of eating)
  •    evolutionary astrology - charts and readings
  •    rune readings
  •    soul retrieval
  •    soul realignment®
  •    shamanic journeying
  •    connecting to your power animal(s)
  •    clearing of old karma with a dedicated spirit guide
  •    massage
  •    reiki
  •    reconnection healing®
  •    quantum diagnose and healing
  •    healing herbs
  •    creative workshop
  •    using dowsing rods
  •    the wisdom tree
  •    the holy stone

The best tool and inspiration, however, is to simply spend as much time as possible in the nature of Gajaland. Your brainwaves will automatically realign themselves with the frequency of Mother Earth.

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