Your stay


The Gajaland project is about recharging people with Gaia energy, Prana, the Spark of Life. It's about growing a community of people who are willing and able to change the world for the better. Gajaland is not about earning money. Therefore, this list of staying options starts with the options which are freely available to everybody who's able to come here.


Tent / Camper / Mobile home

In Sweden we have Allemansrätt (every man's right, right of public access, freedom to roam). This means a.o. that you're allowed to camp for a maximum of three days anywhere in nature, as long as it is not explicitly forbidden (as is shown with signs or barriers). You're even allowed to camp on private property, although close to places where people live you'll have to ask for their permission. You're obliged to leave your camping site at least as clean and beautiful as you found it. You're not allowed to damage anything, including foliage and animals. You are allowed to gather dead wood and to pick flowers, herbs, berries and mushrooms. (Click here for more information on Allemansrätt.)


In Gajaland there's a free camping site at the Järvträsk lake. It offers access to the beach, several fire places and a "dry toilet", but there's no drinking water. A fishing permit can be obtained in the village at low costs. Canoes and a rod-boat can be rented cheaply, too.


As a visitor who comes in the spirit of Gajaland, you are welcome to contact the founders in case you need (for example) drinking water, a shower or information about other fine camping sites or anyhing else within Gajaland.








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